Dual-stage brickwall limiting

The Laidback Limiter is a powerful dual-stage brickwall limiter with a twist. One of the industry secrets of mastering engineers around the globe is the process of pre-clipping. This essentially entails pre-processing a track’s transients with a clipper or saturator to create headroom for the final brickwall limiting stage.
- 23 presets included, such as Laidback Luke’s 'LBL Secret Sauce', 'Show
Me Love', 'Leave The Wave Behind', 'Turbo-lence', 'Whistle'
and 'Dirty Talk'

Multiband clipping with perfect auto-gain

Instead of a regular clipper, the Laidback Limiter features a unique multiband clipper with perfect auto-gain. This means you can clip each of the four frequency bands while automatically retaining the loudness and tonal balance of your track.
- Multiband pre-clipping with perfect auto-gain.
- Clippers with transient preservation and smoothing.
- Phase-aligned dry/wet mix for the multiband pre-clipping stage.

Loudness maximization

After pre-clipping your track with the plugin’s multiband section, you can mix in the pre-clipped signal as it enters the maximize stage. The dry signal and clipped wet signal are perfectly phase-aligned internally, to make sure the multiband section doesn’t cause any phase issues.
- Loudness maximiser with auto-lookahead and auto-release.
- Peak, LUFS and gain reduction meters for precise visual feedback.


PC: VST2/VST3/AAX, 32bit and 64bit, Windows 7 and up
MAC: VST2/VST3/AU/AAX, 64bit, MacOS 10.11 and up